#currentfavorite art mediums

Here’s a few art supplies that I’ve been completely obsessed with and using daily when I’m painting my portraits.

What are your artsy staples you can’t live without? Here are mine!


  •  TOUCH Markers (alcohol based ink): “carbon black”, “flesh” & “milky white”.
  • Literally CANNOT live without Gold High Flow Acrylic Ink in “Carbon black” + my no. 2 Sable paint brush! These two things are so fun to just improv with and fool around on a giant piece of paper. They really force an effortless translation of what you’re painting, which is something that I love.
  • Golden High Flow Acrylic Ink in “Iridescent Gold (Fine)”. All of these inks dry almost instantaneously, so it’s great for layering.
  • Any Sexy Mother Pucker/Soap & Glory lipgloss. The plump burns so good. It’s also a great medium for using it as blush on a portrait, when I’m feeling experimental.
  • Allure Magazine is an all time favorite for visual inspiration. When I’m done reading it religiously, I rip out all the editorials that inspire me to paint, followed by cutting up the entire magazine for collaging.
Favorite paper I like to work with, and my favorite quality eraser!  
  • CANSON Mix Media paper (98lb) in 11×14″ is my favorite size to work with. The paper is great quality and the price is right! $15 for 60 sheets.
  • Faber-Castel pvc-free eraser ($0.79)! This is a great quality eraser, leaves no markers. I was told that comic book artists use this eraser, and I totally know why now.

Featured image/artwork by: @meandering_mari


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