#productsilove: The Matte Lip

The Peacemaker

As a full time fashion illustrator, you’d think I’d be living a really glamorous life. The reality is, I’m holed up in my studio painting, cutting up magazines, swatching different glitter glues, metallic paints, smudging different brands of pastels — basically I’m cooped up all day, and I’m always dirty. The word “manicure” no longer belongs in my dictionary.

How do I keep myself inspired to paint these Glamazons if I have no where to go outside the studio? There’s no point in going out after a 17 hour day of work, I have to sleep so I can get up and do it all over again! Which I absolutely love, but sometimes, like all great artists, I get a blockage.

This is where lipstick comes in. To paint a babe, one must become the babe. This has been my motto over the last few weeks. I’ve been swiping on very colorful tubes of lipsticks everyday, and I sit on the floor, and I paint. Somehow, it works, with every pass near a mirror or a reflection in the window, I see myself and my LIPS! So far it works. I feel glamorous, which then inspires me to paint glamorous things. The cycle goes on.

With the Kylie Jenner lip trend in full swing, I’ve found a great matte lip gloss that is a pretty close dupe in formula. The transfer isn’t 100% perfect, but because of this, my pout isn’t totally dried out after 4 hours of wearing it.

I’ve tried quite a few matte lipglosses (haven’t tried the KJ lipkit yet), and so far, INFALLIBLE Pro Matte Gloss by L’Oréal Paris is my current favorite. It wears beautifully, and if Beyoncé wears this pro long wear matte gloss on the stage (according to her stylist Ty in Allure magazine), then you better know that I’ll be purchasing every single color by the end of this week. I already have five!

Stay artsy! XO



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