Artist collab: #LipsSoArtsy

My favorite part about being a full time fashion illustrator is that I get to connect with amazing artists all over the world that I’ve looked up to for the longest time. I have my #ARTSQUAD team (well, thats what we call ourselves) with the most insanely talented portrait artists, and between the three of us, we have done the coolest collaborations ever!

I team up with @wendybuiter and @lilyduk and the three of us work together to put out challenges for other artists, push their boundaries and encourage everyone to get creative and try new things.  We have worked together for the last year and we have been constantly encouraging each other, planning projects together and doing wonderful collaborations with talented artists worldwide. The best part is that with each of us having our own successes in this field, the rest of us support & congratulate each other. The three of us together have created this amazing and encouraging community of creative’s and I can’t wait to show you all on this blog the stuff that we’ve done together!

This was the most recent collaboration we had, it was called #LipsSoArtsy. Painting lips and lip prints have been on trend for a while, and there’s no specific artist that technically came up with that idea, and so I wanted to encourage others to use the same trending idea and translate it into their own style on paper. The diversity of lip prints on Instagram is absolutely beautiful to see from artists all over, and I wanted to make a point that anything is free for an artist to draw. We are never blatantly copying others, because we are translating what we merely see into our own stylish masterpieces.

Be sure to check out these amazing artists on Instagr


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