Letting it all go. 

I am an artist of many styles. I’m a fashion illustrator, but I’ve done so many other fun projects growing up and now. My Instagram page is branded for the fashion world, but I’ve illustrated children’s books & cartoons for kids. I have a large background in clay & sculpture from both high school and university, and I’ve worked with stained glass windows and mosaics. I love cutting up all of my vogue magazines for collaging, and I love paper cutting art projects and origami. I’m the jack of all trades and I’m always open to trying new things. 

I’ve always painted very abstract art since I was a young kid, and with abstract art, it’s much more about enjoying the process of mixing and splattering paint on paper rather than the final outcome. In fact I normally throw all my weird paintings away, because through that process I seemed to cleanse myself of whatever was inside that needed to come out. 

This is some recent work I’ve done, and before I throw them out I wanted to show them! 

This is just freestyle painting. No preliminaries, no pencils, and no erasers. Just my paint brush & acrylics and I force myself to dive right in with no expectations of what’s going to come out of it. I’ll admit sometimes I hate it — in fact I’m not afraid to say that I hate a majority of my work. I seem to never be satisfied, and the lesson to be learned is detachment and recognizing that the imperfections are not happy with his part of my style and a special part of the art that I create. 

Do you want to get good at drawing a particular thing? Draw it over and over and over again in a cheap sketchbook. The hardest thing for me to draw are noses, hands and feet. When I first started illustrating daily, my noses that I drew were just two holes for the nostrils and a line down them. My hands that I drew were chubby and not realistic whatsoever. Sometimes they had seven fingers.

It’s always good to go back to the basics and start again with line work. Just drawing a line in seeing what comes from it, and appreciating the line by itself without feeling the need to paint or color anything in.

My best device to give to you is that if you want to get good at something, anything whether it’s drawing, playing a musical instrument or soccer, you must practice it every single day consistently. Luck does not exist when someone practices daily, it’s hard work. A winner will always emerge. 

Here is some work that I did with just focusing on the line and being satisfied with the art of the line.


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