Some of my favorite cosmetics

A matte finish that never dries out your lips, you can’t go wrong with these being $10.oo/pop. For a diva on a budget, one swipe of this highly pigmented matte gloss will trick everyone into thinking you’re wearing something much more expensive. The formula of this matte lip gloss is hard to beat, because it feels like velvet.

Oh yes, I’m a big fan of the Kylie Cosmetics. Her glosses smell like butterscotch and the formula + pigment distributes SO WELL on my lips. It easily lasts you a few hours, with maybe one quick bathroom touch up during a night out. The metal mattes can easily add depth to your lips and a few of the shades can be doubled as a highlighter or blush (my favorite one is Heir). Her matte liquid lipstick kit is FOOLPROOF, kiss proof, smudge proof, bullet proof — if you apply it right. In the words of Kanye, it can be “Dessert or disaster”. 

The reviews for her lipkits are full of ups and downs, with people saying it’s very drying on the lips and accentuates the “lip wrinkles”. But the negative feedback that her lipkits get I feel like are people that aren’t well versed in the world of cosmetics, where things like contouring, “bows on fleek” and ombré lips just aren’t part of their cosmetic vocabulary (which is fine, I wouldn’t expect the average person to know a lot about these). After chatting with my girlfriends and lots of trial & error, I broke it down and will teach you  how to rock the Kylie Lip Kit. Trust me, its worth it. If it’s applied correctly, you won’t need a touch up, PERIOD. Kiss proof, bullet proof, smudge-proof and works great doubled as a blush (apply 3 dots to your cheek bones after you contour, and BLEND BLEND BLEND in a circular motion with a foundation brush).

How to slay your application of the Kylie Lip Kit Liquid Matte Lipsticks:

Step 1: Exfoliate & moisturize your lips! You can use a lip scrub, my favorite is the one by Frank Body, or if you’re feeling lazy like me most of the time, you can just brush your lips after you finish brushing your teeth for a quick exfoliation. Then, swipe on a lip moisturizer to keep your lips moist underneath the Kylie Lipstick, as it dries quite quickly. I don’t suggest chapstick. My favorites are Frank Body Lip Balm, Aquaphor, or the rose colored lip balm by Vaseline. Don’t go overboard with the moisturizer. You’ll want that lip pencil to transfer color to your lips!

Step 2: Remove *access* moisture from lips and fill your entire lips with the lip pencil.

Step 3: Use the 1-swipe-rule! More than one swipe of this liquid lipstick will clump and be a nightmare to take off. One light swipe on your bottom lip, one on your top. Gently rub your lips together until satisfied, and then let them dry.

By FAR, the best coverage foundation I think I’ve ever come by in my cosmetic wearing history. My work at Nordstrom did me well, and I had access to try every single foundation there was possible, but somehow I missed Marc Jacobs. It wasn’t until the other day I walked into Sephora shortly after turning 26, and feeling like I had “lost it”, because I’m so far behind on the contouring/brows on fleek/ombre lips game. I went to the girl with the best face of makeup, complained to her about my first-world-woes about expensive foundation that doesn’t even do full coverage, and she literally said, “Say no more”, and brought out this bottle by Marc Jacobs.

It’s $55.00. Not cheap. But it’s a big bottle of product and it has a DOTTER. It only takes a dot of this foundation on your chin, three on your cheeks, one under your eyes, and three on your forehead (yes, dots!) to cover your entire face. Apply the dots, and then blend with a foundation brush. You can layer this foundation and it not only has a great matte finish, but this foundation is rock solid. It doesn’t come off easily. Waterproof, sweat proof, 24-hour length, FULL coverage… I’m happy forking out $55.00 for a bottle of this stuff for the rest of my life. A little bit goes a long way, so the best part is that it will probably take me over a year to finish this bottle – and I apply a full face of foundation.

So there we have it! Three of my recent favorite go-to products. Have you tried these products? Comment below and share with me!

Photo courtesy by yours truly.

Valentino Fall ’16 Couture Favorites 

With a royal nod to the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death, this Elizabeth-era -inspired collection effortlessly floated down the runway with delicate necklines of lace, pearls and lots of metallic gold and bronze detailing. The sheer lace was completely breathtaking against the skin of the models, showing off their silhouettes yet still making a statement all by itself.
Here are my favorite looks from the Valentino show that are going to inspire my next collection of paintings! Metallic is literally everything right now.