That’s what I call the paintings I make that end up in the trash. I go through phases where I make these layered messy paintings that I always hate at the end, and rip to tiny shreds, and pretend that they never happened. It usually happens when something emotionally triggers me, which normally leads me to “artists block”. 

I share them with you now before I set them on fire. 

Today’s paintings 

Lazy Saturday Paintings 

I guess you could say I was channeling my inner K. Wiley with the background detail. I really just allowed myself to take my time with the dots, and focused on enjoying the process without attachment to the outcome. 

An old babe of mine! Gave her a facelift and a teal metallic paint job. Fresh!

I adore this fire truck red look. She’s spicy! 

I have this thing with chalk pastels. 

I have a major love affair with chalk pastels. They are by FAR my favorite medium to work with. I love how blendable they are, and there are no tools required for shading — just fingers! 

I use NuPastels by Prismacolor. These are some pieces I’ve done with only chalk pastels! 

Big eyes and letting internet haters fuel your creativity! 


These are the paintings that I did this morning. I woke up to some wonderful news to see that one of my favorite jewelry lines, Dannijo featured one of my illustrations on their Instagram page. I was filled with emotions, mostly happiness and gratitude, and for some reason today I felt like I had to really focus on big emotional eyes. These are the paintings that I created with this feeling that I had inside of myself. These are the pieces that show that feeling, the feeling of gratitude, happiness, and just overall excitement. 

In lieu of my excitement however, it seems as though the more my work is recognized by bigger influencers, the more I get put on blast for not being authentic enough, or for blatantly copying other illustrators. I understand the all illustrators have similar styles, but  I also cannot help the way I translate what I see on paper. My style is my style, and it may be similar to other artists, but I know in my heart that different styles and techniques are used to translate what I see onto canvas is MY truth. The features that we see as what to find beauty, for example, I, hair, lips, rosy cheeks, eyelashes etc., all artists use these features and translate them all differently onto paper based on how they look at it. These are all features that people associate beauty with, and you better believe the artists are going to exaggerate those features or translate them in their own style based on how those features speak to them. There’s going to be a chance of overlap, it’s impossible not to. The key to this is to see the beauty in diversity of all of this gorgeous artwork, even if styles overlap each other. 

Painting big eyes is my therapeutic way of processing the emotions that I feel, or the negativity that people throw my way. I love painting my big eyes, but I also simply love free styling with ink and my no.4 round paintbrush. Either way, I feel like I can never win when it comes to trying to stay as original as possible and staying true to myself at the same time. It’s not what is said about me that defines me, it’s how I react to the negativity that is the most important. At the end of the day, doesn’t matter what people say about me and it shouldn’t matter to you either, whoever is reading this is going to do something similar. This is my truth and my authenticity and intentions come straight from my heart. Everything else around me is just noise. 

Take those negative energies that are ignorantly thrown your way, and let it sit inside of you for a while. Let it simmer. Let it boil your blood and season you to the point where your creativity is florishing from the mean things that people have said to you. Allow this to fuel your creativity. Use this energy to make something absolutely jaw-dropping. 

Long story short? My best work comes from mean people on the Internet. Period. 

Stay artsy! Xo