Roberto Cavalli, You’ve Stolen My Heart.

If Cavalli didn’t already make you swoon over the flowy yellow dress that Bey wore while reclaiming her power smashing cars with her baseball bat, he surely will now with his resort 2017 collection. Florals, leather, fringe, fur, off the shoulder cuts, trailing ribbons and long hair parted down the center definitely gives a nod towards celebrating the 70s. We know our festival chic attire isn’t going out of style soon.

Here are my top pics!


An ode to the 70s: Chunky heels, bright colors & patterns, fringe, fur and effortlessly tousled hair, a beautiful combination of haute couture and comfort.


Easy, flow-y, summer dresses that need no accessorizing to make a statement. These silk dresses are cinched, ruffled and made to hang off of the model’s frame effortlessly. These dresses make a statement, but WE are certainly wearing the dresses and they are not wearing us. I feel like any girl could pull off a gorgeous summer RC dress.

The long hair that’s parted down the middle doesn’t take much effort to style, and the fringe finishes off these looks with a great bohemian 70s vibe.


Boho meets the Kendall Jenner choker trend. Can’t lie, Kendall slays with her gorgeous silk & lace chokers on the red carpet. Pair your choker with a poncho and some easy denim and you’re festival ready — without looking slutty!


This was my all time favorite look from the collection! *Swoon*


Here we can see that sheer black silks, lace and fabrics that are paired with florals is a HUGE trend setter right now that isn’t going anywhere. We’ve seen it in Dior, D&G, Chanel, Balmain, Lanvin, and now Cavalli. Cheeky sheer dresses, slips and lingerie are seen everywhere and I love how Cavalli paired it with florals, bead work, chokers, pant suits and 70s hair.

These dresses could easily be worn at a red carpet event, but I love that the hair was barely touched to dress down the look. I personally love it when a beautiful dress is worn in combination with untouched, tousled hair. It’s the *perfect* contradiction in achieving that “Blake Lively” effortless beauty (seriously, she’s notoriously known for pairing aan undone ponytail with a Chanel dress on the red carpet, and I’m obsessed with it). Undone hair takes the “prom” out of black tie attire.


Organize Your Paints!

Here’s a fun crafty project I did this morning that I wanted to share with you! I’m incredibly visual (duh, I’m an artist), so I wanted to create something that had both beauty and function. I have to have a neat space with (sometimes chaotic) organization of my art supplies, and I like to see absolutely everything at the tip of my fingers. I like to see exactly all the colored pencils I have in front of me, all of my chalk pastels and the color options, and as shown below, I like to see all of my paints. When I artfully display/organize my supplies in places where I can fully see my options, I tend to get more creative!

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  • Large wooden slab, board, or if you want to get creative, try driftwood or a cool piece of wood you found while you were out hiking! Anything that can take a nail hammered into it.
  • A small hammer
  • Nails (as many as you need)
  • Clips for the tubes of paint that don’t have holes in them (ex: Liquitex vs. Golden)
  • Sharpie
  • Ruler (if you’re OCD like I am)
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Step 1: Lay out all of your paints flat on the board, and mark with a sharpie where you want to drive your nails in! Use a ruler to get exact measurements if you want everything to be even.
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Hammer your nails on the sharpie marks that you made, and hang your paint!
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For the tubes of paint that don’t have holes at the top, simply use a binder clip, clip the top and hang it off the nail. 

If you’re feeling extra fancy while hanging your tubes of paint, color code them! Not only will it be a great organization tool for your acrylic/oil paints, but it will look like a beautiful piece of art (especially if you want it on the wall!).

If you do this, be sure to post a photo on Instagram and tag me in it so I can see it (@roya_so_artsy)!

Happy crafting and stay artsy! XO

The Lust for D&G continues…

I loved this bright & happy collection from Dolce & Gabanna. More is more in this case, with models dripping in bright colors, flowers, jewels, gold, accessories and embellished EVERYTHING.


#currentlyobsessedwith: @DANNIJO

Dannijo Jewelry has been my muse for the last few days. Most of their jewelry has a oxidized metal style, so each piece really is a one of a kind. They’re handmade in NYC with Swarovski crystals, oxidized metals (silver, gold, etc). It’s a beautiful mix of colorful, tribal, contemporary, cultural, and statement pieces that can be layered or worn alone. Either way, they’re so beautiful and I have so much fun illustrating them.

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Artist collab: #LipsSoArtsy

My favorite part about being a full time fashion illustrator is that I get to connect with amazing artists all over the world that I’ve looked up to for the longest time. I have my #ARTSQUAD team (well, thats what we call ourselves) with the most insanely talented portrait artists, and between the three of us, we have done the coolest collaborations ever!

I team up with @wendybuiter and @lilyduk and the three of us work together to put out challenges for other artists, push their boundaries and encourage everyone to get creative and try new things.  We have worked together for the last year and we have been constantly encouraging each other, planning projects together and doing wonderful collaborations with talented artists worldwide. The best part is that with each of us having our own successes in this field, the rest of us support & congratulate each other. The three of us together have created this amazing and encouraging community of creative’s and I can’t wait to show you all on this blog the stuff that we’ve done together!

This was the most recent collaboration we had, it was called #LipsSoArtsy. Painting lips and lip prints have been on trend for a while, and there’s no specific artist that technically came up with that idea, and so I wanted to encourage others to use the same trending idea and translate it into their own style on paper. The diversity of lip prints on Instagram is absolutely beautiful to see from artists all over, and I wanted to make a point that anything is free for an artist to draw. We are never blatantly copying others, because we are translating what we merely see into our own stylish masterpieces.

Be sure to check out these amazing artists on Instagr

Things I made yesterday 

Paintings I made yesterday: